Am I single?

Am I single?

Yes I am! No – I’m taken! please see this post about Jorida

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Bali at night


Gender | Male
Age | 34
Location | Auckland, New Zealand
Marital Status | Divorced
Race | White-Caucasian
Relationship Sought | Serious relationships only
Birthday | June 7
Height | 5ft10 – 6ft / 1.78m-1.83m
Body Type | Toned – Athletic
Hair Length | Medium
Hair Color | Brown
Eye Color | Green
Fashion Sense | Casual
Christian Faith | It defines who I am
Denomination | Non-denominational
Church Involvement | Involved in Music Ministries
Has Children | No kids
Children at Home | No
Wants Children | 2
Education | College-University
Occupation | Executive-Managerial
Salary | Over $100K
Drinks? | Socially
Smokes? | No
Pets? | None
Personality Type | Go-getter
Willingness to Relocate | Yes

I’m looking for Princess Charming. She will love kids, be a great communicator, be passionate about something (could be almost anything) – she’d be a church going Christian, and keen to live a life less ordinary. I’m actually naturally introverted but passionate about Travel, Lifestyle Design, Music and Dance. Jesus is the cornerstone of my life. It has been a journey with its ups and down like any other relationship. But I’m in it for the long haul and I’m looking for someone who thinks the same.

I dance a lot. Up to 5 nights a week when I’m in Auckland. But if you’re not a dancer – don’t worry. It’s a social thing as well as an interest so if I can find the social stimulation elsewhere I’ll probably won’t miss it too much.

I also am very musical. Taught music while going to uni. Play flute (to ATCL level if you’re a classical music geek, although I actually prefer jazz), guitar, bass, drums and the vocal chords.

I own a few companies that are in the accommodation sector. I’ve never actually had a ‘job’ job – I’ve always been a freelancer or a self-employed. While this made me very poor to begin with I have figured out (for the most part) a company that works on auto-pilot.

Went to high school in Auckland’s East Coast Bays. At the University of Auckland I did a Bachelor of Business and Information Management (double major in Marketing and IT).

I was born in Queenstown, New Zealand – The adventure capital of the world. I am the most travelled person I know for my age. Last year I travelled 7 months out of 12 and I’ve done similar amounts of travelling the previous few years. One thing I have learned is that travel isn’t that great for your relationship status!

Are you interested? Do you met my criteria? I would LOVE to hear from you! I don’t care where you live. Send me your photo and tell me about youself using the form below:

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